Ingredientes claves de la Comida Venezolana ¡Encuéntralos Aquí!

Venezuelan food has great richness in flavor, diversity and creativity in preparations. Let us remember that Venezuela is a country with an immense cultural load, which makes food an important aspect for the family and people's traditions.

In other parts of the world it is not easy to find this food authentically, so if you want to achieve an original flavor and feel all the cultural value of Venezuelan dishes, buy all the ingredients at Mama Foods now!

Key ingredients for Venezuelan food

These are some very common ingredients in Venezuelan food. Make sure you have them in your kitchen to prepare authentic and delicious dishes.

Flour bread

Harina Pan is a Venezuelan brand of corn flour. It is a staple product in any family's pantry. This flour is mainly used to prepare arepas and cachapas, but it can also be used to make empanadas and tortillas, among other dishes.

At Mama Foods you can get White Corn Bread Flour or Yellow Corn, depending on the food you want to prepare. For example, empanadas are usually made with yellow corn and arepas with white corn.

Mavesa Mayonnaise

Mavesa mayonnaise is a very popular Venezuelan product. Its flavor and creaminess make this sauce an ideal ingredient to add to salads, potatoes, meats, and even empanadas.

The Mavesa brand has become a benchmark for Venezuelan food. Therefore, what are you waiting for to buy the authentic one at Mama Foods?

Adobo La Comadre

This marinade is one of the most used in Venezuelan food. It is a delicious mixture that gives meals that homemade touch that is so sought after when cooking.

La Comadre marinade contains salt, cumin, black pepper and other ingredients that help enhance the flavor of any dish. It is used to season meats, stews, sauces and even soups.

hand cheese

Queso de Mano is a fresh cheese originating from Venezuela. It is an essential ingredient in several Venezuelan food preparations such as cachapas. This cheese is an excellent accompaniment for breakfast, although it is also a good complement to some salads.

Now that you know what ingredients to add to your meals to get the authentic taste of Venezuelan food, don't hesitate to enter Mama Foods and buy the best products from Venezuela!

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