Mamafoods started with us: Sam and René

Two Venezuelans who emigrated with our families and many goals to achieve in the United States more than 10 years ago.

We missed mom's kitchen

Like many Latinos away from home, we acquired new customs and routines, but we always needed mom's cooking, like at home. Even get small typical snacks, a condiment that is missing from the recipe and that is often difficult to find around here.

How did we do it?

We partner with Venezuela

First we partnered with the best suppliers, caterers and cooks who had Venezuelan products as homemade, with top ingredients and Latin seasoning.

We unite and expand

We managed to unite everyone in the same online market and soon began to expand. Now you not only get prepared products with us such as shredded meat, pastichos, accompaniments, but you can order products that are needed on a daily basis such as cheeses, PAN flour, snacks, Venezuelan chocolates, cheeses, PAN flour, snacks, Venezuelan chocolates and more .

Everything arrives at your house in perfect condition

Every day our inventory grows, ensuring that they are always products with distant expiration dates, in perfect condition and that they can travel safely to reach your home in perfect condition.

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