¡5 Dulces Venezolanos que no te Puedes Perder!

If you are Venezuelan, you will understand why we have made an article to talk especially about these five Venezuelan sweets. Well, who doesn't remember those childhood years where our prize was a CriCri chocolate? Or, better yet, a delicious tube of Ovomaltina chocolate!

Now, if you are new to Venezuelan gastronomy, you cannot miss these iconic sweets from our beautiful country. We are sure you will be fascinated by them! To delve even deeper into our sweets, continue reading this article and discover the ingredients that each one offers to our palate.

Don't miss out on trying these 5 Venezuelan sweets, you'll love them!


As we mentioned before, Ovomaltina is one of the most representative Venezuelan sweets of our childhood. These are little tubes of chocolate that you can eat straight from the packaging, or spread on bread or fruit.

Some of the ingredients in Ovomaltina include skim milk, cocoa, honey, peanuts, vanilla flavoring, and pieces of hazelnut, almond, and red fruit. A sweet full of flavor!

Remember to do what one of their most famous commercials says: Make the most of it!

Chocolate Samba

Another of our classic chocolates is Samba , from the Savoy brand. If you are a fan of crunchy and not too sweet sweets, then you have to try this bar. Its main ingredients are: wheat flour, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate and vanilla flavorings, and cocoa powder.

Come on, treat yourself to one of the richest Venezuelan sweets!

Don Francisco banana sandwich

The banana sandwich is ideal for those moments when you miss your Venezuelan homeland. This typical sweet of Venezuelan gastronomy is perfectly emulated by the Don Francisco candy , so if you want to know what Venezuela tastes like, you should try it!

Skinny Chocolate

Satisfy your love for hazelnuts with the crunchy Flaquito wafer , a 100% Venezuelan chocolate from the Sr. Mortiz brand. It is filled with hazelnut cream and covered with a layer of milk chocolate. A true delight! With more than 20 years in the market, Flaquito is, without a doubt, one of the paths that takes you to beautiful Venezuela through its flavor.

CriCri Chocolate

Another Venezuelan sweet that you can't miss is CriCri . This milk chocolate bar and rice toast will leave you speechless. Obviously a creation of the Savoy brand.

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