Comida Venezolana | ¡3 Platos Preparados de Pollo!

As you already know, Venezuelan food offers options for all tastes. In addition, it mixes its culinary base with foods from other parts of the world. That's why at Mama Foods we believe that you can never get bored of our recipes. Order your favorite food and enjoy it after giving it a little blast in the oven!

In the following article we will talk to you about 3 different types of chicken that we currently have in stock. These are malt chicken, Thai chicken and merey chicken. Learn what its particularities are so that you can then more easily choose which chicken you want to eat when you get home.

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The incredible thing about Venezuelan food is that it is very varied and does not let you get bored. If you have a quality prepared food service like Mama Foods, you will never have the uncertainty of not knowing what to eat. Learn about some of our most outstanding chicken meal options.

Malt chicken

Malt chicken is a high-end Venezuelan food. These are grilled chicken thighs soaked in a delicious malt-based sauce. It is an ideal recipe to surprise someone special and make a different meal to break the routine.

Thai Chicken

This amazing Venezuelan food is inspired by Thai food. It is a recipe that finds its main ingredients in curry chicken, sautéed vegetables and coconut milk. Thai chicken is ideal for a day when you want to live a culinary adventure!

Chicken with merey

In this case, we are talking about a low-calorie Venezuelan food. Chicken with merey is a chicken breast cut into slices and accompanied by carrots, celery and cashews.

Each of these meals is pre-cooked and frozen. You just have to give it a touch of oven!

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All the Venezuelan food that Mama Foods offers is extremely delicious and easy to prepare. These are the two characteristics that our products will never lack: good taste and practicality.

Are you working all day and can't find a moment to go shopping? Make good cuisine reach your table even if you don't have time to prepare your own dishes.

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