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Are you looking forward to enjoying the taste of authentic Venezuelan arepas? Then visit Mama Foods! There you will find the best of Venezuelan gastronomy. Keep reading and savor these 5 unmissable fillings in the diet of every good Venezuelan and food lover of this wonderful country.

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What better way to start this list of Venezuelan arepas than with the unmistakable aroma of shredded meat . They are made with beef, tomato, garlic, red pepper, onion, ground cumin and black pepper. Savor this juicy filling and enjoy this perfect combination of ingredients!


Another must-try filling for arepas is chicken. Although it is a basic ingredient in the Venezuelan diet, many enjoy this flavor, especially when it comes to the queen pepiada ! So, if you love strong flavors like mayonnaise, onion, lemon, avocado and garlic, you've surely found your perfect arepa!

pork mojo

Its main ingredients are pork, sour orange, onion, oregano, pink Himalayan salt and black pepper. An extraordinary flavor mix, isn't it? Share with your family or friends one of the most delicious Venezuelan arepas that exists. Yes, we are talking about the one stuffed with pork mojo .

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Havarti Cheese

An arepa with cheese should never be missing from any table. And even less so if we talk about the exquisite Havarti cheese . Enjoy the unmatched deliciousness of this Danish cheese in the soft dough that characterizes the Venezuelan arepa. Experience the softness and creaminess in every bite, and let its intense aroma captivate you.

Cheese and guava

To finish our list, how about the perfect dessert to end the day? Pamper yourself with one of the richest sweet Venezuelan arepas in the country. It is filled with white cheese and guava paste , and will offer you the perfect trip to Venezuela through your palate.

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Don't miss the opportunity to try some authentic Venezuelan arepas. Where? At Mama Foods . Come in and discover the wide variety of arepas we have for you. Enjoy an unmistakable flavor as many times as you want!

Eat them for breakfast – as a main course or as a complement – ​​or end the day in the best way: with an arepa of pork mojo, or guava with cheese. Come on, feel Venezuela in every bite!