Dulces Venezolanos | ¡3 Chucherías para el Café!

We know that Venezuelan sweets are irreplaceable. These are flavors that you try in your childhood and that you never manage to forget. Plus, there are countless times when you crave one, right? Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to three of the most delicious sweets that we have in our stock.

At Mama Foods we care about offering all the Venezuelan flavors and our sweets are just as important as any dish. We know that there are several activities that would not be the same without the company of some delicious sweets. Continue reading!

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When are Venezuelan sweets enjoyed the most?

There are several situations in life when you just want some good Venezuelan sweets. For example, when we are watching a movie and it is very cold outside, nothing better than a sweet with chocolate!

Another time when we always want a sweet is when we get together in the afternoon and we are talking with our friends for a long time. Because of all the talking and talking, we start to need sugar to recharge our energy.

Next, we will describe 3 of our favorite sweets to accompany coffee. Try them all and then tell us which one you liked the most!


The Toronto are one of the best Venezuelan sweets. These are chocolates filled with chocolate and a hazelnut center. They are ideal to make a good gift for a friend or to give to yourself and eat them when you crave a coffee.

Another of the facilities of the Toronto is that you can reserve them for someone special, as they are chocolates, it is very feasible that they can be used as gifts on important dates such as Valentine's Day.

Dulce de leche toops

Dulce de leche Toops are cereal and wheat pillows filled with dulce de leche. It is one of the most versatile Venezuelan sweets , since you can use it both for dessert and for breakfast.

If one day you decide to accompany your coffee with these pillows, we want to share a secret with you: dip them in the drink and then eat them with a spoon.


Pirucream is one of the funniest Venezuelan sweets we have . It can be used to eat with coffee after dinner, but it can also be used to decorate cakes.

These are wafers filled with chocolate and hazelnuts that melt in your mouth very quickly. With these sweets, it is very difficult to know when to stop eating.

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