5 Dulces Venezolanos de Chocolate que debes probar

Spend a moment of the day enjoying the characteristic flavor that these Venezuelan chocolate-flavored sweets have for you. Whether as a dessert with any meal, or as a classic treat on the way home, to school or work, or simply as a well-deserved treat to end the day.

As we know that chocolate should never be missing as a candy, at Mama Foods we offer you these five delicious, very Venezuelan options. Which one is your favorite? Tell us!

Try these Venezuelan sweets, you will be surprised by their flavor!

chocolate samba

When we talk about Venezuelan sweets, it is inevitable to think of chocolate Samba , a true flavor classic! We still don't know what makes it so perfect. Maybe it's its crunchy texture or that it's covered in nothing more and nothing less than the original Savoy brand chocolate .

Savoy dark chocolate

Since we're talking about the Savoy brand, why not dedicate second place to the exquisite dark chocolate they released to commemorate their 75 years as one of the most successful brands inside and outside of Venezuela. This solid chocolate bar is ideal for those people who really enjoy the original and unique taste of premium chocolate.

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Goose Marinela

One of the most consumed sweets in Venezuela is, without a doubt, the Gansito , from the Marinela brand. We like this product so much that today we have already adopted it as one of our Venezuelan sweets. Plus, they've come out with a pretty fun version: they've turned it into a cookie! Now you know what to accompany your coffee or milk with.

chocolate sticks

This vanilla-flavored cookie candy has been positioned for several years as the favorite candy in the lunchboxes of boys and girls. Who doesn't remember taking them as dessert to school? It is simply the best because it is a practical, fun and non-cloying sweet. Have a good time with Palitos !

Classic Gayeton

Finally, how can we not mention one of the most famous Venezuelan chocolate-flavored sweets in the country. Of course, we are referring to the Gayetón Clásico , from the Danibisk brand. This Danish-type cookie is, in the same way that Sticks are for children, the favorite candy of many adults. Why? Because its presentation is perfect to share with friends, at work or with family. It is another of the Venezuelan sweets that we can enjoy with coffee or milk!

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