Empanadas Venezolanas | ¡Estas son las 5 más consumidas!

Have you thought about which are the most consumed Venezuelan empanadas inside and outside the country? We are referring to those that we surely find in any street establishment and those that we most often prepare at home, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Keep reading and find out what they are!

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What are the most consumed Venezuelan empanadas? Here we tell you!

Within the endless number of stews that we can use as filling for Venezuelan empanadas, there are 5 specifically that earn recognition as the most popular among Venezuelans and among any connoisseur of Venezuelan gastronomy. Do you agree with our top?


One of the favorite empanadas of every Venezuelan is the one filled with shredded meat . Unlike other stews, we can enjoy this in practically any area of ​​the country. Thanks to the exquisite aroma that the dough gives off, and the texture that the beef brisket offers combined with the paprika and tomato, it is impossible to eat just one of these delicacies.

White cheese

Who hasn't ever brought a cheese empanada to school or work? Exactly, it is one of the most practical, light and attractive lunches for those moments when you don't have much time to sit down and eat. This is one of the great advantages of Venezuelan empanadas: you can eat them anywhere and at any time.

What better filling for these empanadas than hand cheese , one of the most representative of Venezuela. Or, the traditional paisa-type white cheese , characteristic for its mild flavor.

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Ground meat

One of the most consumed Venezuelan empanadas at food stalls is, obviously, the one filled with ground meat with paprika, onion and tomato. Perhaps because it is a versatile and easy-to-prepare product, many businesses find this stew a sure sales opportunity.

pavilion stew

If we approach the coastal area of ​​Venezuela, it is mandatory to talk about the pavilion stew. Among the most important ingredients of this dish are the black beans, the shredded meat, the fried plantain slice and the white cheese. What spectacular flavor combinations!

margarite dogfish

Finally, a Caribbean flavor that is always welcome—and that is in the top 3 of the most consumed Venezuelan empanadas—is that of the Margariteño-type dogfish . For those who prefer to consume white meat instead of red, or who don't know what to eat during the Easter season, this is a delicious, original and super nutritious option. Also enjoy the tropical flavor of Venezuela!

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