Empanada Venezolana, Colombiana o Argentina | ¿Cuál Prefieres?

Although empanadas are a very popular dish in Latin America, the true authorities on this topic, without a doubt, are three countries: Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. But what makes each origin unique? Find out here and decide if the Venezuelan, Argentine or Colombian empanada is the one that best suits you.

Recipe for Venezuelan Meat Empanadas You will love them!

Venezuelan, Colombian or Argentine empanada, choose your favorite!


When we talk about Venezuelan empanada we talk about a delicious corn dough. We can say that it is not thick, but not too thin either. It has the perfect thickness to express its delicious flavor and, at the same time, contain the different ingredients with which we usually fill it.

Diners commonly prefer to eat them fried, as tradition dictates. However, another way to prepare this delicious dish is by baking them. The most popular fillings are: shredded meat, chicken (like the unique Reina Pepiada!), fish, beans with cheese and pavilion with ripe banana.


Like the Venezuelan and Argentine empanada, the Colombian one has a half-moon shape. Its thickness is thinner, which helps make its texture crispier. They are also made with corn and some of the most popular are:

  • Pipián: potato, hogao, egg, toasted peanuts and annatto
  • Aged: rice, peas, and beef, chicken, or pork
  • Antioqueña: potato, meat, banana or beans with chicharrón

In Colombia you can find endless empanadas. We could even say that each region of the country has a whole range of particular and equally exquisite fillings.

Key Ingredients of Venezuelan Food Find Them Here!


We are talking about the most popular dish of Argentine gastronomy worldwide. The Argentine empanada should be present on every family table, regardless of the time of day.

Unlike the Venezuelan and Colombian empanada, the dough of the Argentine empanada is made of wheat. Furthermore, it is always fried in hot oil.

The types of filling depend on the region. For example, in Buenos Aires, empanadas are larger than traditional and the basic fillings are beef, chicken, humita, vegetables, ham and cheese. Meanwhile, within the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones, we can find empanadas made with cassava flour and filled with beef or fish.

El Pasticho, the Venezuelan cousin of lasagna

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